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Gold's Gym SoCal Blog

Health And Fitness Tips For The SoCal Community

Staying Hydrated in the Summer

5 Targeted Exercises to Sculpt Your Upper Biceps

5 Belly Fat Burning Workouts

Six Week Summer Prep

Why You Should Maximize Your Workout With Your Gym's Sauna

4 Early Morning Workouts to Kickstart Your Day

Built for Strength: Why Your Gym’s Equipment Matters

Gold's Gym SoCal: Starting Your Fitness Journey

Nutrition + Fitness: Recipes to Fuel Your Workouts

Gold's Gym SoCal: New Year, New You

5 Factors to Check When Picking a New Gym | Gold's Gym SoCal

5 Benefits of Functional Training

9 Health Benefits of Indoor Cycling | Gold's Gym SoCal

The Power of Planning Workouts with Gold's Gym SoCal's Fitness Planner

What Is Clean Bulking and How To Get Started

Tips to Make Every Day International Self-Care Day

10 Tips for Better Meal Planning To Support Your Fitness Goals

How dotFIT Supplements Can Help You Achieve Your Bodybuilding Goals

Rest & Active Recovery: The Difference and Why They Matter

Going Green to Build Muscle and Strength

How to Fall in Love With Your Workouts All Over Again

10 Reasons To Hit Our Olympic Weightlifting Platforms In the New Year

Resolution to Reality: Tips To Build a Fitness Routine in the New Year

10 Ways To Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track This Holiday Season

Press for the Chest Raises Funds for Breast Cancer Awareness

Moving More Than Recommended Can Lead to a Longer Life

Healthy Tips & Unique Recipes for National Sandwich Month

Don't Just Train, THRIVE With Our Newest Workout Program

5 Reasons To Add Strength Training to Your Fitness Routine

Move for Your Mind: How Exercise Benefits Your Mental Health

5 Workout Habits To Spring Clean Out of Your Gym Routine

10 Exercises Inspired by the World’s Most Powerful Female Athletes

6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fitness Resolutions and Get Fit for the New Year

Physical and Mental Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

5 Benefits of Super Food to Keep Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Press for the Chest with Gold's Gym SoCal

Strong Body, Strong Mind: 5 Mental Health Benefits From Working Out

Start Right Now. It’s Never Too Late to Feel Great.

Tips to Stay Active on Vacation

5 Workouts You Can Do In Water

Here’s How to Get Beach Body Ready

Lose Weight Fast With Hybrid Fitness

Here’s Why You Should Be Working Out On A Functional Indoor Turf Area

Hit Refresh On Your Fitness Routine

Springtime Produce Your Body Will Love

Benefits of Yoga for Your Mind and Body

5 Reasons to Workout With A Friend

5 Reasons You Should Try Group Fitness

Staying Fit For the Holidays

10 Cold and Flu Fighting Foods

6 Tips to Ease Yourself Back Into the Gym

Beat the Heat: Workout Safely in Warm Weather

The Best Cardio Workouts Under the Sun

Find Time for Fitness in Your Busy Day

How Exercise and Sleep Work Together

5 Fresh Healthy Recipes To Try This Summer

Fun Family Workouts: Stay Strong During Social Distancing

Mental Wellness Tips During Social Distancing and Quarantine

No Equipment? No Problem! Here Are a Few Body Weight Exercises You Can Do At Home

Facts About COVID-19 From Gold's Gym SoCal...

Facts On Keeping Your Heart Healthy Through Exercise

GGX Instructor Spotlight: Kaissa Huaca

Do I Need a Personal Trainer? 7 Signs!

GGX Instructor Spotlight: Chakira Bonilla

Gold's Gym SoCal Club Spotlight: Oxnard

Gold’s Gym SoCal’s FREE Year Membership + Apple Watch & Airpods Giveaway!

How to Choose the Right Gold's Gym

GGX Instructor Spotlight: Alex Lopez

2019 Gold's Gym SoCal Challenge National 5th Place Winner: Jack Trump

12 Days of Quick Winter Workouts

2019 Gold's Gym SoCal Challenge National 1st Place Winner: Alexandra Diaz

Be The Next Winner of the Gold's Gym 12 week Challenge!

Enter To Win Our Holiday Cash Grab Giveaway!

Gold's Gym West Covina Instructor Spotlight: Lisa Rodriguez

5 Happy Holiday Healthy Eating Tips

Instructor Spotlight: Jeffrey De Leon

Gold's Gym Anaheim East

Instructor Spotlight: Maryam Karimi

Gold's Gym SoCal : Press For The Chest 2019

Do You Need to Jump Start Your Fitness Before Joining the Gym?

GGX Instructor Spotlight: Travis Cheek

Enter to Win our 2 Tickets to Universal Studios for Halloween!

Gold’s Gym Arcadia Trainer Spotlight: Eric Bell

Top Tips for Running Your First Race

Now Hiring

Gold's Gym SoCal Club Spotlight: North Hollywood

Gold's Gym SoCal Wins Again!

GGX Instructor Spotlight: Angie Yu

Healthy Eating: Gym Day Protocol

Gold's Gym Oxnard

Beef Up Your Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting Regimen

Your Guide to Basic Free Weights

Find Your Best Group Fitness and Exercise Class

Make Peace with Yoga Exercises for Mindfulness

Gold’s Gym SoCal - Hollywood Instructor Spotlight: Karma Raines

Gym Etiquette 101

Make Summer Sizzle With a Gold’s Gym SoCal Mexico Vacay Giveaway

Top Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

2019 Gold's Gym SoCal Challenge Winners

What A Calorie Deficit Has to Do With Your Diet

The Hottest Summer Gym Fashion for 2019

The Top 5 Objections to Working Out (and Why They're Not Good Excuses)

What BODYPUMP Class Is (And Great Reasons to Try It!)

Kale Nutrition and the Craze You May Want to Join

How to Meditate (And Why You Should)

How to Use a Calorie Counter to Support Your Goals

The Story Behind Gold's Gym and Its Iconic Logo

We've Revamped Gold's Gym SoCal!

Best Classes for Finding and Enjoying Exercises to Lose Weight

What You Need to Know about Strength Training For Women

Should I Try a Vegan Diet?

Instructor Spotlight: Shawn Collins

Why Wearable Tech is a Smart Choice

Gold’s Gym SoCal AKA Your Happily Ever After

The Best Exercises for Energy Boosting

Gold's Gym Arcadia Personal Trainer Spotlight: Vartan Kerasimian

Is Cardio or Lifting Better for Burning Calories?

The Best Way to Slow the Aging Process (And 4 Bonus Tips)

How Carbs and Workouts Fit Together to Help You Reach Your Goals

Will Intermittent Fasting Work for You? 5 Tips!

The Best Kinds of Exercises for Seniors

Best Office Workouts to Move Toward Your Goals on the Job

Hottest Workout Gear: Top Trends For This Summer

Tips for Becoming a Female Bodybuilder

Best Fireman Workout for Staying in Top Shape

Gold’s Gym Glendale Instructor/Trainer Spotlight: Heibert Sarian

Creating Your Revenge Body Workout

Best Workouts for Skiing and Your Favorite Winter Sports

How to Make a New Year's Body Transformation Plan You Can Keep

Gold's Gym Glendale Personal Trainer/Instructor Spotlight: Christopher Benson

The Basics of a Weight Plan for Women’s Weight Loss

Enter to Win: The Ultimate New Year’s Kickoff Giveaway!

9 Non-Scale Victories You Can Accomplish This Year

How to Do an Awesome Work Out in a Gold’s Gym Pool

Healthy Holiday Eating Tricks to Cut Calories this Season

How to Stay Young: 5 Tips to Slow the Aging Process

Gold’s Gym Fullerton Trainer Spotlight: Aaron Chung

Gold's Gym Glendale Instructor Spotlight: Brian Hilpert

Enter to Win Gold's Gym SoCal's Ultimate Family Holiday Giveaway

The 5 Best Farmers Markets in LA for Fresh Food Year-Round

How to Choose a Gym: A Basic Guide to Finding Your Best Fit

Healthy Toast Recipes for Breakfast and Beyond

How Stress Affects Your Body

Using Exercise for Anxiety Relief

How to Use Meditation to Eliminate Stress

2018 Gold's Gym SoCal 1st Place National Winner: Rayna Hurdle

How to Start Training for a Triathlon

2018 Gold's Gym SoCal Challenge 1st place National Winner: Patrick Gass

Enter To Win Tickets to LA Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks on Nov. 11

Gold’s Gym SoCal’s Official Intro Guide to Kettlebell Exercises

What to Eat After My Workout to Lose Weight

2018 Gold's Gym SoCal Challenge National Winner: Joe Perales

The Best Butt Workouts for a Tighter Tush

How to (Finally) Get Rid Of Bra Fat

2018 Gold's Gym SoCal Challenge National 1st Place Winner: Julie Davis

How to Train for a Marathon as a Beginner

New and Trendy Workout Gear to Wear to the Gym

Mindful Eating to Improve Your Relationship with Food

The Small Group Training You Need to Try

Gold's Gym Anaheim: BEST NEW GYM WINNER

Arm Toning Workouts for a Trim Look

Gold’s Gym SoCal — Santa Barbara Instructor Spotlight: Hannah Sener

5 Exercises to Increase Speed

The Top 5 Avocado Benefits You Need to Know About

How to Get Started with Men’s Physique Competition

Gold's Gym SoCal Club Spotlight: Glendale

Gold's Gym Santa Barbara Instructor Spotlight: Dani Couture

Personal Trainer Spotlight: Kamila Malewicki

Gold's Gym SoCal Club Spotlight: Goleta

Gold's Gym SoCal Club Spotlight: Valencia

Instructor Spotlight: Marcus Ely

Which Protein to Get Sculpted With? (A Convenient Protocol for Body Sculpting)

Instructor Spotlight: Lauren Nestler of Santa Barbara

How Carbs Play Into Your HIIT Workout

6 Hacks for a Healthy Happy Hour

Gold's Gym Downtown Santa Barbara

How to Workout Without Messing Up Your Hair

Burn Fat Fast with These Top Cardio Workouts

Gold's Gym SoCal Club Spotlight: Santa Barbara Uptown

Gold's Gym SoCal Club Spotlight: North Hollywood

6 Instagram Tips for Showing Off Your Hot Body

Gold's Gym SoCal Club Spotlight: West Covina

The Top 5 Shoulder Exercises for a Broader V-Taper

Hydration Tricks to Get Ready for a Night Out on the Town (And Recover Quickly!)

Gold’s Gym SoCal - Hollywood Instructor Spotlight: Cariel Hughes

How to Get in Shape Fast Using 5 Shortcuts

Enter Our Giveaway To See Justin Timberlake In Concert!

Gold's Gym SoCal Club Spotlight: Simi Valley

How to Find Real Friends in a Click-Based World

7 Ways to Look Hot Post-Workout with Cheap Beauty Products and Hacks

Shirts vs. Skins: Which Muscles to Workout to Look Good on the Beach

Trend Alert: What You Need to Know About the Ketogenic Diet

Gold's Gym SoCal Club Spotlight: Thousand Oaks

Strength Training for Weight Loss? It Actually Works!

How to Get Back in Shape FAST Through Functional Training

Get the Facts about Drinking Lemon Water for Weight Loss

5 Tips to Get Out the Door and Get to the Gym Faster

Gold's Gym SoCal Club Spotlight: Anaheim

Gold's Gym SoCal Club Spotlight: North Hollywood

Fitness Trend Alert: Get STRONGER With Power Lifting