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Right now, our Gold’s SoCal community is stronger than ever. Our staff is showing their innovation and persistence to make sure your physical and mental health stay active during this tough time.  We are all working together to ensure members and employees receive the fitness support they need. We are grateful to you, our GGSC family, for rising to the challenge in these unprecedented times.

The idea of getting into shape is exciting. But fitting a workout into your day is a challenge and a common objection to working out. We’re busy people and when we finally have a moment to ourselves it's hard to lace up those sneakers and go for a jog.

Work, sleep, family, friends, household chores, etc. You literally have a never-ending list of things to do as well as new challenges during this unusual time, and exercise may get swept under the rug. Here's how you can find time for fitness in your daily routine without it taking up a large part of your day. It just takes a little creativity and a few small changes, and you can get in a quick sweat almost every day.

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You know we’re stronger together, no matter where we are! We’re here to help you out with 5 ways to incorporate workouts into your daily routine:

  1. Work out at work! This is a great way to get in some exercise, while also boosting your energy and creativity during that mid-day slump. You can use your lunch break to do a power walk, do some desk workouts, jog in place, or find some stairs to climb. Or if you have a one-on-one meeting with a co-worker, ask them if they want to walk and talk. 
  2. Make it a family affair. Go for a walk or bike ride after dinner; go to the park to play basketball; do a bodyweight routine in the backyard while the kids are playing, or play a game of tag. Try our online family workout and make exercise a fun activity for all!
  3. Workout while relaxing. A great way to get your heart rate up is to exercise during commercials on tv or create a workout game as you binge the latest streaming show. Every time your favorite character says his catchphrase, do 20 jumping jacks. 
  4. Don’t wait around. If you’re waiting for the elevator to arrive or the microwave to ding, try doing a quick exercise like squats, jumping jacks, or lunges. And if anyone knows how to do cardio in the car, let us know!
  5. Carve out 30 minutes from your day and bust out a quick cardio session. An obvious option, but a great one if you end up finding some free time to yourself. Check out our free Workout Workbook or try these at-home workouts to find some new exercises to try out!

Once you find time for fitness, you'll start to reap the mental and physical benefits, which are especially important to strengthen your immune system and help you deal with general anxiety. Here are just a few of the perks you’ll experience when you fit in a daily workout: 

  • Heart Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced Stress
  • Mood Boost
  • Energy Boost
  • Improved Memory 
  • Increased Productivity and Creativity
  • Higher Self Confidence

If you're new to working out and you're looking for different exercises to try, check out our free Workout Workbook. You can find new workouts, healthy recipes, and there's a place for you to write down and track your progress. Once you've worked up to it, you can download our free Getting Gym Ready Guide, where you can read up on everything you need to know before walking into Gold's Gym SoCal. 

Try incorporating these 5 simple ways to sneak workouts into your daily routine. When you find time for fitness in your busy day, you’ll be better able to tackle the next day and learn to love your new habit! Gold’s Gym SoCal is here for you and ready to come alongside you during your fitness journey, whether that’s in-person or virtual! We’re stronger than ever, together.


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