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Gold's Gym SoCal Blog

Health And Fitness Tips For The SoCal Community

June 2024

Staying Hydrated in the Summer

As the scorching California summer sun beats down, it's essential to prioritize hydration during your workouts, especially if you're hitting up Gold's Gym SoCal. Proper hydration not only optimizes your performance but also helps prevent heat-related illnesses. Here's your ultimate guide to staying hydrated and energized during summer sweat sessions.

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May 2024

5 Belly Fat Burning Workouts

Belly Fat Burners: 5 Exercises to Shred Belly Fat in 30 Days 

Summer is right around the corner, and if you’re still trying to shed off some stubborn belly fat that won’t just go away, it’s time to start some targeted belly fat burner exercises that’ll have you shedding pounds in no time flat. Burning belly fat doesn’t have to be a long and annoying process if you go about it the right way. With the correct combination of diet and proper workouts, you can reduce that extra bit of fluff around your waistline and be on your way to a happier, healthier you.

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May 2024

Six Week Summer Prep

With summer just around the corner, it's time to kick your fitness routine into high gear to achieve that summer-ready body you've been dreaming of. In this comprehensive guide, we'll outline a 6-week plan covering workouts, nutrition, and the importance of sleep/rest to help you achieve your fitness goals and feel confident and strong as you hit the beach or poolside.

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April 2024

Why You Should Maximize Your Workout With Your Gym's Sauna

For some, going into a room to sweat after completing a sweat-inducing workout seems counterintuitive, but saunas have some great health benefits. Heat therapy has been used to relax and loosen muscles after exercise, making saunas a perfect after-workout companion. As you consider whether you should spend some time in a sauna after your workout, find out more about the benefits of saunas and some safety tips for using them.

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