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December 2022

Resolution to Reality: Tips To Build a Fitness Routine in the New Year

It’s that time of year again when many of us make a New Year’s resolution, then let it fall by the wayside a short while later. You can break that cycle by making fitness part of your routine. We know it’s not easy to establish a routine and stay motivated to stick to it week in and week out, but it’s not easy to get results out of your workouts without it either. We’re human, after all, so developing a fitness routine is as physical as it is mental.

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November 2022

10 Ways To Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track This Holiday Season

November has arrived, which means we’re just a few weeks away from the holiday whirlwind between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. There are gifts to buy, decorations to hang, meals to make, trips to take, parties to attend and people to see. While the holidays connect us with family and friends, the time between putting the turkey in the oven and waking up in the new year can also feel like a marathon-long sprint that could get in the way of your actual sprints.

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October 2022

Press for the Chest Raises Funds for Breast Cancer Awareness

Though breast cancer continues to be the second leading cause of cancer death for women in the U.S., the mortality rate for the disease has dropped by 40% over the last three decades. By some estimates, nearly 400,000 additional lives have been saved as a result of increased access to breast health care services and education. The National Breast Cancer Foundation has made it its mission to provide both so that more women can detect their breast cancer in its earliest stage when it’s more treatable. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Gold’s Gym SoCal is raising funds to support NBCF’s work during our annual Press for the Chest event.

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September 2022

Moving More Than Recommended Can Lead to a Longer Life

Your odds of living a longer life go way up the more you move every week. Those are the findings of a new study published in the American Heart Association’s flagship, peer-reviewed journal Circulation. Researchers analyzed information from more than 100,000 participants over a 30-year follow-up period and concluded that adults who perform two to four times the current recommended amount of moderate or vigorous physical activity per week have a significantly reduced risk of mortality.

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