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Gold's Gym SoCal Blog

Health And Fitness Tips For The SoCal Community

May 2024

5 Targeted Exercises to Sculpt Your Upper Biceps

With beach season almost here, it’s time to show off all the hard work you’ve put into your arms and upper body. While it’s great to get a comprehensive workout that hits every part of your arms, sometimes you might need a little extra help targeting specific areas like the upper bicep so you can achieve the look you want and get stronger. 

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February 2024

Built for Strength: Why Your Gym’s Equipment Matters

Built for Strength: Why Your Gym’s Equipment Matters

Strength training should be a key component of your fitness routine regardless of age or preferred workout style. Due to the many benefits of strength training, your gym should offer a wide range of strength training equipment to support your health goals and enhance your muscle mass. As you look for a strength gym in Southern California, find out more about the benefits of strength training, the types of strength equipment your gym should have, and why Gold’s Gym SoCal is the preferred gym for those who take strength training seriously, like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check out one of Arnold’s signature chest workouts in our February issue of The Press.

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March 2023

Going Green to Build Muscle and Strength

We’re going green this month, and it’s not because of St. Patrick’s Day. Ok, maybe a little bit, but before you grab that green outfit and pint glass, reach for those green veggies between workouts because they can do it all. Too often we associate stacking a diet with vegetables with losing weight, but they’re actually loaded with valuable micronutrients, fiber, minerals, amino acids, nitrates, complex carbohydrates, and phytonutrients crucial to making those strength gains.

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January 2023

10 Reasons To Hit Our Olympic Weightlifting Platforms In the New Year

Olympic weightlifting isn’t just for Olympians anymore. At Gold's Gym SoCal, we're committed to providing our members with the most up-to-date equipment, which is why we've been installing Olympic weightlifting platforms throughout our clubs. The platforms are inspired by the Olympic discipline where the objective is to lift the highest total weight in the clean and jerk and the snatch. In recent years the sport has made its way into mainstream fitness programs and now into Gold's Gym SoCal.

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