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You may have seen your favorite celebrities post about their amazing trainers. Don’t let that make personal training sound like a luxury for people on magazine covers. Personal training is for anyone who wants to experience change, and it works! That’s why the personal training industry is growing steadily

Do I need a personal trainer?

If you’re wondering “do I need a personal trainer?” here are 7 signs you’d benefit from this experience.

SIGN #1: This Isn’t The First Time You’ve Asked: “Do I need a personal trainer?”

Curiosity sticks around for a reason. If you’ve wondered about personal training for a while, sign up for a session. Chances are, you’ve thought of it because you have other important questions about health and fitness, like if your routine is the most effective strategy. Get those questions answered!

SIGN #2: You’re Just Getting Started with Fitness

Any time you try something new, it’s wise to get a little coaching. You don’t know what you don’t know! Personal training can help you make a solid start, and that’s one of the secrets to succeeding when you’re trying to make a transformation. 

SIGN #3: The Gym Bores You

The probability of sticking to your goals is low if you’re bored when you work on them. But how do you figure out what would make gym time exciting and effective? Personal trainers are experts at finding and capitalizing on motives and different workout styles. Plus, they know what kinds of fitness options are out there.

Do I need a personal trainer? 1

SIGN #4: You Need to Overcome a Rut

Whether you used to be in shape but you took a break and don’t know where to begin, or you’ve been faithfully showing up but you’re not seeing results, personal training is strategic. Trainers can troubleshoot your plan and progress. 

SIGN #5: You’ve Got an Event Like a Marathon Coming Up

Signed up for a triathlon, marathon, or another event? When you’ve got goals like that, coaching is important! Your personal trainer will coach you by tracking your progress, cheering you, and offering advice until you reach the big day. 

SIGN #6: You’ve Got Concerns about Health/Safety Related to Your Goals

Have a bad back? An old injury? Feel like you’re too out of shape to do the exercises you know? If you have concerns about your limitations or safety, a personal trainer can help you with things like learning proper form and adapting plans that fit you and your needs specifically. 

SIGN #7: You Do Better When You Have Accountability and Support

There are several questions you should ask a personal trainer when you meet, but start with a question for yourself. What helps you succeed? For many people, accountability and support influence success. A personal trainer provides both, and way more!

Are the signs all pointing toward personal training? You can get started today! Click below to learn more about Personal Training at Gold's Gym.


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