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Does the idea of working out in a group make you flashback to gym class in grade school? Whether the memories are good or not, it's time to dispel the myth that classes at the gym are like school gym class. Group Fitness and Exercise classes are more fun and more effective for reaching specific goals than gym in school ever was. Plus, you get to pick what class (or classes) you take!

Here's how to find the perfect class for your unique taste:

Top Questions for Choosing Your Best Type of Class

As you consider different types of classes to narrow down your search for the perfect group fitness experience, ask yourself:

  • What are my goals and will this type of workout help me reach them?
  • Am I comfortable being in a large group or would a small group be better?
  • Do I prefer a loud, fast-paced environment or a quiet, calmer one?
  • Is the class led by an expert?
  • Will this class be very predictable or mix things up (which do you prefer)?
  • Is any equipment required to participate in class and do I own the equipment?
Types of Group Fitness Classes

Types of Group Fitness and Exercise Classes

Now that you better understand what you’re looking for, the next step to finding your perfect group fitness and exercise class is understanding the different kinds there are. Most gyms offer:

  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Classes

    • Typically 30-50 minutes
    • Intense cardio workout
    • May involve bodyweight moves or lifting
    • Available for different fitness levels
  • Dance-based Cardio Classes

    • Usually 60 minutes
    • Upbeat, set to music
    • May be a very large class
    • Classes sometimes specified by age group
  • Cycling Classes

    • Usually 60 minutes
    • May be small or large
    • Fast-paced and based on stationary bikes
    • Burns a lot of calories
  • Strength Training Classes

  • Mind-Body Classes

    • Typically 60 minutes
    • Often low-impact and beginner-friendly
    • May be small or large
    • Great for stress relief and increasing flexibility

If weight loss is your goal, keep in mind that more than one type of class may work for you. Browse the top classes at Gold's Gym SoCal for more information about specific classes and what they are like.

Find a Class That Fits Your Schedule

Of course, the best fitness class for you will need to fit your schedule. Check out the class schedule at your local Gold's Gym SoCal club. Don't let fear hold you back- the benefits of group fitness are way too important to let excuses get in the way. 

Confirm your ideas for which class is best for you: take our FREE Group Fitness Quiz!

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