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You know how much better an experience is when it's shared. Research shows the same is true when you're trying to lose weight. Multiple studies find you lose weight more effectively when you have the support of a tribe of people. It makes such a huge difference that experts say social support can make or break weight loss goals.

That's (just) one reason why joining group classes for exercises to lose weight is smart!

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How can you lose weight with group exercise?

When we say group exercise, what do you picture? Maybe you think of old jazzercise classes filled with girls in neon leg warmers. Or maybe you think of gym class back in middle school. Our group exercise classes are even more diverse than whatever you're imagining.

You'll find a ton of options, including classes that offer:

  • Different kinds of workouts, like cardio, strength training, etc.
  • Fun new challenges like battle ropes and kettlebells
  • High tech fun like cycling on top quality equipment (interactive classes on high tech equipment)
  • Long classes (traditional 60 min. classes) and shorter ones (like High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Expert instructors who are fun and able to (modify exercises to) adapt to different fitness levels

Why Does Group Exercise Work?

Besides offering tons (diverse) of options, why are group exercise classes worth it? Even more importantly- what are the benefits of fitness classes for weight loss?

One answer is obvious: you meet people with common goals. Group fitness classes are a great place to find real friends, who offer real support, and spend real time pursuing great goals with you. You gain cheerleaders, accountability-partners, and of course, exercising is just a lot more fun!

Other benefits of group exercise for weight loss include:

  • You get regular exercise at committed times
  • Instructors can help you exercise safely and effectively
  • Group fitness is usually fun and engaging
  • You don't have to plan workouts yourself (which reduces stress and excuses!)

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Best Group Exercise Classes for Weight Loss

If your goal is weight loss, there are some fitness classes that are going to help you reach your goals more than others. You're going to need classes that burn a lot of calories, like:

  • High Intensity classes (check out HIIT)
  • Cycling (1,150 calories burned per hour at a fast pace)
  • Vigorous yoga classes (like vinyasa)
  • Small group training (where exercises can be tailored for your needs really easily)

There are a ton of fat blasting group workouts to choose from. Combined with a healthy diet and good habits, group exercise can help you experience transformation—together with like-minded friends!

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