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The iconic image of a jacked dude building muscle features someone shirtless standing alone with barbells or dumbbells. In reality, you can pack power into your muscles through a variety of types of exercise. Many group fitness classes LA focus on building muscle in fun, social ways.

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Muscle-Driven Group Fitness Classes LA Options

Group fitness classes offer the opportunity to socialize while receiving qualified instruction on a specific exercise program. More than just about hanging out, many classes are intensive and have the power to transform and tone your muscles. Typically, options for fitness classes LA are offered at a variety of hours, so you can work out whenever is best for you.

At Gold’s we offer several group fitness classes that focus specifically on muscle building:

group fitness classes LA Bodypump (1).jpgBODYPUMP

Style: Barbell Workout

What It’s Like: A 60-minute challenge, this class walks you and your fellow gym junkies through a complete set of weight-room exercises. Using barbells to tailor the exercises to your muscle level and needs, exercises in this class include classics like squats, presses, lifts, and curls. Instead of the same old process of doing these essential basics on your own, BODYPUMP lets you work the weights set to music with the added benefit of instruction and feedback from awesome instructors.

Good for: Lifters growing bored or stagnant in the routine

group fitness classes LA Bootcamp (1).jpgBOOTCAMP

Style: Intense Morning Cycling

What It’s Like: Self-discipline is important, but what will really take your hot body to the next level is old-fashioned, in-your-face challenging by a sergeant. BOOTCAMP gets you up and pushing your limits on the stationary bicycle first thing in the morning.

Good for: Cardio addicts who want to advance their level of fitness

group fitness classes LA Bootcamp Cycle (1).jpgBOOTCAMP CYCLE

Style: Advanced Cycling

What It’s Like: Beginner cyclists step back. This class is for adrenaline seekers who want to find out just how sculpted cycling can make them. Focusing on intensity as well as form and technique, this cycling class will drive you to tackle intervals, incline, and other muscle-enhancing challenges.

Good for: Speed demons who need muscle strengthening

group fitness classes LA Functional Fitness (1).jpgFUNCTIONAL FITNESS

Style: Combination of Bodyweight and Heavyweights

What It’s Like: Intended for sculpting and toning, this class has you up and about using different techniques and types of weights to strengthen and shape your major muscle groups and your finer features too. Expect to work up a sweat through compound movements using dumbbells, weighted bars, and mat exercises to mimic everyday motions.

Good for: Lifters who want to fine-tune their muscles

group fitness classes LA P90x Live (1).jpgPX90 LIVE

Style: Intense and Diverse Training

What It’s Like: Explaining PX90 Live is best done by saying “come and see.” You never know what to expect. To keep your body from getting stuck in a plateau or hindered by any issue, this class and its modifications keeps you on your muscular toes. Expect the unexpected, ranging from cardio to plyometrics or strength and ab work. Everything gets switched up.

Good for: Fitness enthusiasts stuck in a rut or needing to try something new to reach their potential

group fitness classes LA power sculpt (1).jpgPOWER SCULPT

Style: Conditioning Program

What It’s Like: Whip your body into top shape from the inside out. This class mixes resistance training, flexibility plus core work, and cardio intervals together to optimize your metabolism and calorie burn. Your body will be at its best for muscle building through this course.

Good for: Gym junkies hitting a plateau or burning out of energy

group fitness classes LA hardcore abs (1).jpgHARDCORE ABS

Style: Reebok Core Board Workout

What It’s Like: All your other muscles relate somehow to your core. Strengthen the muscles at the epicenter of everything with this Hardcore Abs class. Using the Reebok Core Board, this class using trending, modern techniques to balance, stabilize, stretch, and strengthen your core so you can be ready to jack up the rest of your muscles next.

Good for: Fit folks ready to step up to a new level

Get Started with Fitness Classes

Forget the stereotypes about muscle building being solitary and gym classes being for people who just want to hang out. These fitness classes can help you build serious muscle in new, fun, and social contexts. Join one of our top 3 exercise classes to stretch as you strengthen too.

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