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A Perfect Weekly Training Schedule: Planning Your Workouts

Planning your workouts ahead can sound complicated. However, a well-crafted weekly training schedule can make all the difference in reaching your fitness goal. Through strategic pre-planning you can maximize the effects of exercise on your body. You will benefit from having a structured plan to follow.

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Designing your perfect weekly workout schedule starts with identifying your goal. For example, if weight loss is your goal then your weekly plan should include exercises targeting fat-blasting and calorie-burning. A personal trainer can help you decide which exercises are most important for you.

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Staples of a Weekly Training Schedule

Variety is essential when forming the perfect weekly training schedule. Your schedule should include 2-3 strength training workouts and 2-3 cardiovascular workouts each week. Restful, stretching exercise should occur in between these intense workouts. Keep this in mind as you tailor the day by day schedule below to meet your needs.

weekly workout schedule 1 (1).jpgMonday: Strengthen Upper Muscles with Your Personal Trainer

To increase your metabolism for a healthier weight, you need to target muscle growth. Pump your upper body muscles under the guidance of a personal trainer. Your trainer will identify strength building exercises to maximize your success.

Tuesday: Hit Your Cardio Target

Calories burn off when you raise your heart rate and keep it elevated. That’s what happens in a cardio workout. Choose a cardio activity like running or cycling. Commit to performing it for an hour the second day of your workout week.

Wednesday: Stretch in a Group Setting

Mild, gentle exercise is an important part of allowing your body to rest and recover after intense training. Participate in group classes like yoga. This will keep you accountable for stretching your body as often and effectively as it needs.

Thursday: Strengthen Lower Muscles Through Personal Training

After resting from the intense first half of your weekly training schedule, your lower body will be ready to work hard again. Schedule an appointment with your personal trainer to capitalize on strength training your lower body. As the muscles build, the fat will burn.

weekly workout schedule 2 (1).jpgFriday: Rev Your Cardio Cycle

Lean into the energy boost you get from the adrenaline produced by regularly working out. Hit the gym again on the fifth day of your schedule to rev your cardio cycle. Focus on upper body cardio since your lower half will be sore. Try swimming, boxing, or indoor rowing.

Saturday: Shock Your Body in a Workout Class

A boring weekly training schedule isn’t perfect because it’s so hard to stick to. Venture into a fun workout class on the sixth day of training. Try Martial arts or Zumba. Both are exciting ways to socialize while enjoying interactive exercise.

Sunday: Rest Through Gentle Exercise

The most flexible day of your weekly training, the seventh day should rest your growing muscles. Let your body replenish itself. Simply go for a walk, join a yoga class, or select a dynamic stretch routine. Your muscles will benefit from gentle exercise. You will still be losing weight or meeting your fitness goals in the process.

Flex Your Plan for Additional Strength

When your weekly schedule grows dull, your muscle memory may be growing too strong. To keep on target for reaching your fitness goals, mix up your day to day schedule. Switch cardio and strength training days for a week. Try a new form of exercise.

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