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How small changes in your strength training, can mean big changes in your weight loss

strength training weiight lossWhen it comes to weight loss, you might automatically think you need to start extreme dieting or spending even more hours at the gym by adding extra cardio to your normal routine.


But what old ways may have taught you, could also be what’s been holding you back. Learn how to get toned the right way, and you’ll feel stronger and sexier than ever!

Doing mass amounts of cardio and cutting your calorie intake will help you lose weight. However, what you may not realize is that limiting your weight loss efforts to only these actions can actually cause you to also lose your hard-earned muscle mass too. Not to mention, extra cardio plus extreme dieting can make you feel fatigued, lead to burnout, and increase your hunger level.

There’s nothing quite like how muscles look popping through your shirt, or out in full display at the beach. Feeling good about how your body looks and feels is fuel for finding the right workout plan to get you there. In order to maintain your muscle and strength gains, while continuing to cut weight, make a few easy changes in your workout plan. But knowing what muscle does for you beyond aesthetics can also motivate you to not leave the weight room.


Benefits of Strength Training

weight loss strength trainingYour lean muscle mass does more for you than help you look great and enable you to lift heavy weights. Here are just a few reasons to keep your strengths about you.

  •      Increases your metabolism.
  •      Keeps you agile and active as you age.
  •      Increases circulation.
  •      Lowers blood pressure.
  •      Increases bone density.
  •      Prevents injury.
  •      Improves sleep.
  •      Mood-booster.
  •      Lowered risk of diabetes.
  •      Improves your immune system.
  •      Prevents obesity and obesity-related health conditions and diseases.

The Breakdown

Convinced yet? While we don’t want you to skip cardio altogether or to not to watch what you eat, here’s the breakdown of how to lose excess body fat while maintaining a healthy amount of lean muscle mass.


  • Limit cardio to 2-3 times per week.
  • Aim for running hills outside, spin class or bike riding, boxing, jump rope, swimming, or basketball. Or skip the dreadmill altogether and do a tabata or plyometric cardio workout.
  • Wear a heart-rate monitor to make sure you’re within your target heart rate.


  • Incorporate strength workouts 3-4 times per week.
  • Use periodization to make sure you are sore in all the right ways and not overtraining.
  • Working larger muscle groups, adding in supersets, and doing compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once burn the most calories.
  • Whatever your focus is for that day, put that at the top when you have the most energy.
  • Not sure where to begin? Need a little extra motivation? Meet with a personal trainer 1-3 times a week for a complete layout of moves that are right for your body and goals.

If weight loss is your number one goal, strength training is your number one tool. Muscle is your surefire way to a sexy bod and an active metabolism and lifestyle!

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