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There are lots of good reasons to practice yoga. It's great for your physical health- and your mental and emotional health, too. Yoga exercises for mindfulness have tons of extra benefits, and they are for everyone! 

Yoga Exercises for Mindfulness

Whether you're at peace or not with your body, mind, or exercise, these mindfulness moves will help. 

Why Yoga Exercises for Mindfulness Are for Everyone

If you want all of the benefits we talk about below but the idea of yoga scares you off, don't worry! Yoga really is for everyone. The moves yoga entails don't require you to be strong, fit, or flexible. You don't need background knowledge.

Yoga is similar to stretching- and everyone can stretch. Moves can be adapted easily for limitations you may have. Since yoga is calm, low-key, and adaptable, you'll still be able to be mindful and gain benefits like de-stressing (even if you're new to all this!)

Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is something you can practice as you make choices, diet, de-stress, and more. But when mindfulness is practiced along with yoga exercises, something even more powerful happens. Your body and mind connect and balance through yoga. 

Yoga Exercises for Mindfulness 1Check out these mindfulness benefits of yoga:

  • Stress relief
  • Improves attention
  • Enhances sleep
  • Increases flexibility and strength
  • Gives energy

The benefits of mindfulness and yoga combined can combat anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional challenges. Of course, there are physical benefits too: mindful yoga is good for your heart, muscles, immune system, blood pressure, etc.

Top Mindfulness Moves

Any yoga move can be mindful, especially if you practice meditation along with yoga. These classic moves are especially helpful because they are simple enough that you can focus on inhaling, exhaling, and meditating:

  • Corpse pose
  • Eye of the needle pose
  • Mountain pose
  • Warrior pose 
  • Cat-cow pose

Top Yoga Classes at Gold's Gym

Ready to find your center and make peace through yoga? Come into the gym to get started with the guidance of an expert instructor. Check out classes like:

  • PiYo
  • 60 Minute Yoga

You can also begin the journey on your own before class starts. Download our FREE 21 Day Yoga Transformation plan. 

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