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In today’s society, numbers and data points can seem like everything. Sometimes it feels like life is defined by how many followers you have online, how much money you make, and how much you weigh. All that focus on quantity misses out on quality, which is what makes life full of color and life.

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This year, we challenge you to set goals that don’t have to do with numbers on the scale. These kinds of goals help you know you’re moving in the right direction while taking some of the pressure off.

Here are our best ideas for non-scale victories that will help you live a healthier, fuller life.

3 Fitness-Based Non-Scale Victories

non-scale victories 1Part of living life to the fullest is having energy, strength, and stamina. You can develop these traits through exercise. Use these ideas to set reachable goals for fitness this year:

  1. Run a 5k. Marathon training will help your heart, lungs, legs, and more.

  2. Perfect your form. Work on being able to nail a flawless squat, lunge, push-up, and complete pull-up.

  3. Move up a level in class. Level up to using the next level of weights in that class you’re taking, increase your MPH in cycling, make it through the abs section without giving up!

3 Food-Based Non-Scale Victories

non-scale victories 2What you consume has a lot to do with what you’re capable of throughout the day. Eating healthier leads to all sorts of non-scale victories that improve your quality of life. Check out these non-scale goals:

  1. Lower your blood pressure. Find a diet that lowers blood pressure  and measure your progress.

  2. Complete a short plan. Whole30, the Keto Diet, and other plans help change diet habits.

  3. Eat clean and lean foods. Swap your usual foods and drinks for healthier versions, including switching to lean meats.

3 Feelings-Based Non-Scale Victories

non-scale victories 3Your mental and emotional health have a big impact on how much you love life, too. Use these simple goals to gain some ground internally.

  1. Journal once a week. Even if brief, writing your feelings helps you recognize and deal with them.

  2. Add a de-stressing activity to your schedule. Set aside time for yoga, walks, the spa, etc.

  3. Learn to be mindful. Mindfulness and meditation help you take back your life from the demands of stress.

Other Great Ways of Measuring Progress

non-scale victories 4Celebrating all of your non-scale victories will help you stay on track and keep you motivated. Look for signs you’re enjoying a higher quality of life (and weight loss and strength gains and more):

  • Your clothes fit a little more loosely or comfortably
  • You don’t feel so tense and sore from stress
  • You have energy when you wake up in the morning
  • Your skin has a healthier glow to it
  • You smile just a little bit more!
  • You feel comfortable at the gym, making fresh meals, or just in your own skin

Don’t let the number on the scale tell you it’s too late. Live your life well! Use our FREE New You in 28 Days Guide to get started.


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