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Ready to make a splash with your workouts? During the warmer months, there’s nothing better than a workout in the water so you can stay cool while burning calories. You’ll also get a great tan! Exercising in water is also a great strength builder while also being easier on the joints and muscles.


The first thing that usually comes to mind when thinking about a pool workout is swimming laps, which is a great exercise, but there are so many other workout options out there that you can try! Pool aerobics is a popular water workout, and no, it’s not just for older women at a community center. Water aerobics is a great strength builder, and with the added resistance of the water, you can tone your muscles and burn some major calories. Here are some great water workouts that you can try this summer at a Gold’s Gym SoCal location with a pool!

  1. Warm-up by walking in the water. Start in waist-deep water, keep your feet flat on the ground and avoid walking on your tiptoes. Engage your core while standing up straight and add in arm movements for extra resistance. 
  2. Lateral arm lifts. If you have water dumbbells, you can use them on this exercise for added resistance. Start in shoulder height water with your water dumbbells at your side. Raise your arms to the side until they’re even with your shoulders. Lower them back down and repeat 8-10 times with 3-4 repetitions. 
  3. Jumping Jacks. Water jumping jacks are a great cardio workout and are easier on the joints in the pool rather than on land. Do this workout in chest-level water.
  4. High-Knee lift extensions. Stand in water at waist height and engage your core as you lift your right leg, bending your knee until your leg is level with the water. Stay in that position with your leg lifted for a few seconds, and then extend your leg straight out and hold this position for a few seconds. Slowly lower your leg down, keeping it straight, and repeat with your other leg. Try and do this for 5-8 minutes.
  5. Leg Kicks. This is a great workout for your core and legs. Hold onto the pool ledge or a kickboard and flutter kick your legs back and forth. This simple, but effective exercise is great for endurance as well.

Water workouts are great for cardio fitness while also strengthening the major muscle groups in your body. Pool exercises are easier on the joints and helpful for anyone with injuries they're trying to recover from, as well as those who are pregnant or have trouble balancing.

Our Gold’s Gym SoCal locations that have pools are Downtown LA, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Montclair, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Valencia and West Covina. You can sign up for a free pass to try out these water workouts for yourself!