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Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means. The weather is warming up, and it’s almost time to pull the bathing suits out of the back of your closet. Before you start the search for your bathing suits, grab your workout gear and join us at Gold’s Gym SoCal so we can all get our summer bodies ready together. 

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Step one in operation beach body is to head over to one of our locations and create a workout routine you enjoy. Regularly exercising will help strengthen and tone your body while also giving you more energy throughout the day. Try new workouts and exercises like our group classes to keep things fun and interesting! 

Another great way to get in shape and create a workout routine that’s right for you is to try a personal trainer. They’ll help you determine your goals, plan out a clear path for you to reach your goals, and motivate you to keep pushing on until you achieve them. 

The second step to achieving your beach-ready body is to work on your nutrition. As the saying goes, “abs are made in the kitchen.” This is very important, you can be working out like crazy, hitting the gym daily, but if you’re slacking on your gains in the kitchen, you won’t see the results you’re hoping for. 

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Finding a nutrition plan that works for you can be difficult and can feel very limiting. You shouldn’t have to restrict yourself to reach your goals, but you can modify your diet to start seeing results. To help you, we have a Beach-Ready Guide that instructs you on how to create a food plan following certain guidelines so you can start achieving your goals. 

Here are some extra daily habits you can follow to reach your beach body goal!

  • Drink water. It’s recommended that you drink half your body weight in ounces at least every day.
  • Avoid salt to reduce bloating.
  • Work on your posture and sitting up straight. When you elongate your spine and stand up straight, you’ll look tall and lean.
  • Focus on eating more fiber to keep you fuller longer and to keep you regular. 
  • Wear sunscreen every single day. Being beach body ready isn’t just about getting fit, but caring for your skin and health. 

Our Beach Ready Guide gives you a 5-week plan to build strong and lean muscles just in time for summer. Our guide lays out the plan, tells you what to expect during the 5-week course, and gives you different exercises and workouts to try each week. Now when you head into the gym, you’ll have a plan to follow so you can get the most out of your time there. 

Download your FREE Beach Body Guide to get started and join Gold’s Gym SoCal if you haven’t already to start your exercise routine off right!

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