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What good are chiseled abs and a taut waist without broad shoulders? If you want a hot, beach-ready V-taper look, you need to get your shoulder muscles to bulge. Believe it or not, just working your arms and upper body won’t make that happen.

shoulder exercises

You actually need to perform shoulder exercises if you want shoulders to die for.

Our Top 5 Shoulder Exercises

#1: Face Pull

How To:  Video from Bodybuilding.com

Description: This straightforward exercise works a variety of shoulder muscles. Even your mid-back will get chiseled with this move.

Equipment: Cable machine

Frequency: 3 days a week; 3 sets; 10 pulls per set

Warnings: Avoid weighting the cables too heavily. This exercise could cause strain if performed too intensely.

#2: Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise

How To: Video from Bodybuilding.com

Description: Your rear delts will be stacked as a result of this move. Start seated and switch to performing the move while standing once you’ve begun to build muscle.

Equipment: Dumbbells

Frequency: 3 days a week; 3 sets, 10 raises per set

Warnings: Move slowly while performing these raises. A fast pace will reduce their effect and the number of muscles worked.

#3: The Arnold Press

How To: Video from Menshealth

Description: Both your arms and your shoulders get a workout from this exercise. The famous rotation hits more muscle than a standard overhead press does.

Equipment: Dumbbells

Frequency: 3 days a week; 3 sets; 10 presses per set

Warnings: Pay attention to the direction of your palms. Your palms should face your shoulders as you start and point away from you by the time your hands are overhead.

#4: High Pull

How To: Video from MensFitness.com

Description: This explosive exercise has an intense effect on your delts and your lats. It’s good for your lower body too.

Equipment: Barbell

Frequency: 3 days a week; 3 sets; 10 pulls per set

Warnings: Keep your elbows wide apart. Place your hands on the barbell a shoulder-width apart for the best workout.

#5: Upright Barbell Row

How To: Video from Bodybuilding.com

Description: Instead of a pull-down motion, a side raise, or a rotation, this exercise requires you to pull up. This targets small shoulder muscles and gives your shoulders bulge that’ll burst through your shirt.

Equipment: Barbell

Frequency: 3 days a week; 3 sets, 10 rows per set

Warnings: Start with dumbbells or light weights if you are a beginner. Add weight gradually to avoid strain. You’ll need to keep adding weight slowly to take this move- and your shoulders- to the next level.

Best Tips for Making Your Shoulders Pop

These 5 exercises are the best for broadening the top of your V-taper because they target the muscles from every angle. To ensure the moves work every little fiber of muscle, perform them slowly. Pay attention to your hand and elbow placement for safety. Always stretch to avoid strain, too.

You’ll be showing off a smoldering shoulder physique soon if you complete these moves 3 times a week for several weeks. Just be sure to rotate days so your delts have time to rebuild.

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