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This is How You Get a 6-Pack of Abs (Even If Nothing Else Has Worked!)

Ever woken up in cold sweat because you had a nightmare that a 6-pack of abs eluded you again? We understand. For so many, a 6-pack sounds like a fantasy. Despite completing ab programs and getting ripped, your stomach may still be stuck at flat.

Well, good news! There is a way for you to get a 6-pack of abs:

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Start with a Question about Getting 6-Pack Abs

Ask yourself: what’s my goal? Then, make a plan.

But first, let’s look at your expectations. Not everyone can have a 6-pack. Seriously! Schwarzenegger is the most notable example. He only has a 4-pack.

“Packs” of abs are actually just rows of bands of a kind of connective tissue that cross over the abdominal region. When your abs are toned, these rows show up more obviously, creating what people call “packs.” You can’t control how many rows of connective tissue are in this area.

When your abs are toned, you may have a 4-pack, or even an 8-pack. Your goal should be to have sexy, toned abs –in whatever number your body has to offer! With that goal in mind, it’s time to get to work.

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Next Step: The Kitchen

blogfeature_600x300 copy-421636-edited.jpgAs the saying goes: abs are made in the kitchen. Just eating healthy to shed pounds and build basic muscle often isn’t enough to solidify your center. Sculpted abs never form by accident or as a side effect of being healthy. They take strategic work.

Your ab-building diet should be built around protein intake. Your abdominal muscles will need the protein in order to bulk up. At the same time, you’ll need to avoid inhibitors like simple carbs, sugars, and fried food.

Follow a step by step dieting process to work up to your best pack-of-abs look.

1. Burn Fat.  Eat fat-blocking and burning foods like cinnamon, broccoli, apples, and sweet potatoes. Avoid fattening foods in general.

2. Boost Metabolism.  After a week or two of dieting (and working out!) to burn fat, improve your metabolism so your body can better process nutrients. Go for green tea, blueberries, and other foods loaded with anti-oxidants.

3. Focus on Protein.  Fall in love with protein shakes and fill your meal plans with protein. Between meat and protein shakes, your abs should be getting the protein needed to bulk up your muscle tissue.

4. Rotate Proteins.  Supplement your meat and shake focused diet with other sources of protein like tuna, eggs, and soy beans. This will help keep your nutrients balanced along with high-protein consumption. Eating right is like working out correctly- you have to have a balance and change things up sometimes.

5. Counteract Stress.  When you’re eating carefully and working out intensely to finally get a 6-pack, your body is under stress. Since stress can lead to fat storage, counteract the stress with foods like milk, oranges, and walnuts.

Finally, Your Workout

how to get 6 pack abs 1 (1).jpgThere are a lot of ways not to get a 6-pack, like trying bodybuilding splits or just doing a million crunches. At the same time, working out to build up a sexy, sculpted core is actually pretty simple.

Remember- abs that stand out are just finely-toned muscles. The best way to get a 6-pack of abs is to work out every “end” of the muscle group. You’ll need to exercise to tone your:

  • Upper Abs
  • Lower Abs
  • Obliques (Sides of Abs)

All sorts of different exercises focus on one of these particular muscles, so you’ll need a diverse core workout. Make sure your workout includes:

  • Standing core exercises (like crossovers)
  • Suspended exercises (like pull ups)
  • Face down floor exercises (like Swiss ball planks)
  • Face up floor exercises (like intense curl-ups)

Whenever possible, add weights to the various exercises. You’ll be targeting ab muscle growth from every direction. The more intensity the better.

Last but not least, supplement all these targeted exercises with typical weight training and cardio. Limiting your regimen to focus on only your abs is ineffective.

You Can Do This

It’s time to find out how many “packs” of abs are hiding out in your core. We won’t lie- uncovering your abs takes hard training, careful dieting, and discipline. But we know that this dream can be a reality- so get to work!

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