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There's a stereotype that women only lift to tone, not to bulk up. People who believe that stereotype overlook an important, sexy, and strong group of women: female bodybuilders. With a gusto for sculpting, muscle, and intensity, female bodybuilders are amazing.

Female Bodybuilders

Use these tips to learn how to become an awesome female bodybuilder:

Set Goals Fit for a Female Bodybuilder

Female Bodybuilders 1Bodybuilding is a competitive sport- there are rules, classes, and categories like in many other competitions. Before you get started, you'll need to set your goals. Choose a category of female bodybuilding to focus on:

  • Bikini (softer, traditional shape)
  • Figure (symmetry and definition)
  • Physique (muscle size and development)
  • Body Building (muscle/fat look)

Create an Intense Workout Plan

Female Bodybuilders 2Once you have your goals to focus on, it's time to create a plan. Most women bodybuilders enlist the help of a coach or a personal trainer to figure out exactly what they need to craft their body into its best form.

As a rule of thumb, bodybuilding workout plans include:

  • 2-3 days of lifting per week, for at least one hour a session
  • 2-3 days of intense cardio (intervals are best and you'll need to push your limits)
  • 1 day a week of active rest (stretching, yoga, walking, etc.)
  • A strict diet designed for bodybuilding
  • Extensive stretching for safety and flexibility

Master Your Form

Female Bodybuilders 4As you launch into your intense workout plan you'll definitely need to focus on form first. Sculpting your body for competition requires precision, so you need to fine-tune your movements. Workout in front of a mirror or with someone knowledgeable enough to correct your form. Use resistance bands or other tricks to help you watch your form from start to finish during exercises.

Fine-tune Your Diet

Female Bodybuilders 3Exactly what you need to eat to lose fat and build muscle for competition depends on your body type and current physical state. But, typically, female bodybuilders need to eat a lot of protein and healthy fats. Carbs should be strategically consumed for energy at certain times. Supplements are also helpful.

To create your bodybuilder diet:

Sign Up for a Bodybuilding Competition

Part of goal-setting is choosing dates to reach certain milestones. It can help to have an actual competition in mind you'd like to participate in. Check out this list of LA bodybuilding competitions to get started.

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