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Our fantastic fitness instructors are part of what makes Gold’s Gym stand out. We know that your favorite fitness instructor keeps you coming back again and again and more importantly, having fun while workin’ it!

Trainer Spotlight Cariel Hughes

Highlighting Cariel Hughes

We’re taking a moment to spotlight a fitness instructor from our Hollywood location: Cariel Hughes. Cariel has been a part of the Gold’s family for an impressive 12 years! She says that Gold’s Gym has always felt like home and that there is no greater gym in the fitness industry (hey - we agree!). 

Cariel loves being a personal trainer, but GGX is her first love. Her goal is to inspire each member to believe in themselves and be consistent; to assist in making each individual member’s fitness goal a reality.


We sat down with Cariel to see what makes her tick:

In my class/training, you could expect: high energy and lots of motivation!

My biggest advice to a Gold’s newcomer is: be “okay” with YOUR “fitness journey” and never stop believing in yourself!

My favorite fitness move or class is: Burpees! I love BodyPump, Barre, Hip Hop, and Jazz classes!

The song that gets me most pumped up in my workout is: too many to name - I’m a music fanatic!

My favorite workout attire includes: compression leggings, sports bra, and a tank.

My favorite healthy meal is: Grilled salmon, brown rice or quinoa, and grilled Brussels sprouts.

My favorite cheat meal is: a veggie burger and sweet potato fries!

I get my inspiration from: my family - they mean the world to me!

My favorite physical activity outside of Gold’s is: DANCE! Been dancing for 30+ years!

My morning ritual includes: meditating, drinking apple cider vinegar, and listening to my morning playlist while driving to work!

Something not many people would know about me is: I have a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology (Summa Cum Laude, 4.1 GPA).

My perfect day off is: Day of recovery; massage, stretch therapy, and binge watching a good show!

Before bed, I always like to: stretch and decompress by reading.

Thanks, Cariel - we feel like we know you so much better!


We think Cariel is a great example of what our members look for in a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Thanks for being such an important part of our Gold’s Gym SoCal family, Cariel!

Have you been to one of Cariel’s classes? What did you love about it?

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