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Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years, and throughout that time has grown and evolved to become one of the most practiced workouts in the world. Why is that? Because yoga offers an immense variety of health and wellness benefits for people of ALL ages and fitness levels.

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Gold’s Gym SoCal is now offering on-demand workouts with a monthly subscription so you can workout anywhere and anytime. With this subscription, you’ll get access to an assortment of yoga classes offering poses for all fitness levels. Some of you may skip over yoga when searching for classes to improve your physique, but not only is yoga good for your mental health, it’s also great for building and elongating your muscles so you can have a lean and strong body.

Physical benefits include

  • Back pain relief: Yoga helps to relieve and improve lower back pain over time. Many physicians will recommend practicing yoga for chronic back pain because of its proven effectiveness.
  • Improves heart health: Increasing blood flow and circulation, yoga helps to improve and strengthen your heart.
  • Alleviate arthritis pain: Yoga is a gentle exercise that can relieve joint pain and improve flexibility within the joints as well as reduce stress and tension.
  • Enhances strength, balance, and flexibility: by increasing your range of motion, yoga helps to improve flexibility, and core strength with practice. It’s great to elongate the muscles and enable yourself to hold positions you normally wouldn’t be able to.

Mental Benefits include

  • Increased energy and improved mood: by increasing the blood flow, yoga increases your energy levels. That’s why many yogis practice in the morning so they can have a productive day. Also, by improving circulation in the endocrine glands, consistently practicing yoga enhances the functions of hormones that play a primary role in the physiology of depression. In simplified terms, it reduces depressions and improves your mood!
  • Better night's sleep: yoga calms your mind, reduces stress, relaxes the nervous system, and is physically challenging, therefore tiring your body leading to a great night's sleep!
  • Self-care: yoga is a great way to shut out the outside world and focus on yourself. The daily hustle and bustle can become overwhelming, so the 20 minutes that you put down your phone and reach your zen will become the moments you look forward to every day.

Our on-demand yoga classes are for everyone, at every skill level. Whether you consider yourself a yogi, or you just added a couple of yoga mats to your amazon cart, you’ll be able to find a class that’s right for you.

To kick off your journey to find your inner zen, check out our free 21-day yoga transformation guide to help you practice daily yoga and meditation. It includes fundamental poses, helps you strengthen and tone your body, and gets you in the groove of practicing yoga every day for just 20 minutes so you can reap the benefits of this holistic workout.