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The best way to stay healthy during this cold and flu season is by taking preventative steps. Keeping up a regular fitness routine and eating clean and healthy are the best ways to fight off the sniffles and get through cold and flu season unscathed.

Keeping active and getting your heart pumping helps to push bacteria out of your lungs and minimizes your chances of catching a cold or flu. Along with exercise, we’ve compiled a list of foods proven to boost your immune system.

Here’s what flu and cold-fighting foods you should be stocking your shelves with.

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Citrus Fruits:

Orange you glad we didn’t say banana? Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C, not just oranges! Grapefruits, tangerines, lemons, limes, and clementines are great to boost your immune system and fight off cold and flu germs.

Acai Berry:

Acai is a superfood, and it’s packed with antioxidants that aid in health and immune support. Not to mention, they’re delicious! There’s no better time to benefit from an acai bowl than during cold and flu season.


Oysters, crabs, lobsters, and mussels are high in zinc, a mineral that the body needs to grow and develop properly. This immune-boosting mineral helps activate white blood cells for an immune response and aids the body in healing faster.

Red Bell Pepper:

This may come as a surprise, but red bell pepper is loaded with vitamin C and has 3X’s the amount of vitamin C than an orange does. It also packs a healthy punch of beta carotene. Your body converts beta carotene into vitamin A, which is great for your skin and eyes.


Packed with Vitamin A, C, and E and a ton of fiber, this veggie is inexpensive, easy to cook, and should be a staple in your daily diet. This low-calorie superfood helps you look and feel good from the inside out!


This leafy green is readily available in every store and is a superfood filled with nutrients your body needs to be at its peak performance. It’s a major contributor of folate, which helps repair DNA and generate new cells. To get the most out of your spinach, consume it raw in a salad, steamed, or sauteed!


Garlic fights off worse things than vampires, it also fights off bacteria, fungi, and viruses. These benefits only come from using the real stuff, so skip the powder! Kill two birds with one stone and add them to your sauteed spinach.


Known for its vibrant yellow color, this spice has been used for its anti-inflammatory properties for years. It helps with muscle damage and fatigue and is a possible immune booster and anti-viral.


Green, white, or black tea all contain disease-fighting antioxidants that search out and destroy cell-damaging free radicals. Pinkys up!

Chicken Soup:

We’ve got to finish up this guide with the classic chicken soup. This fan-favorite has a chemical in it called carnosine that can help protect your body from the flu virus. It’s good for the immune system and good for the soul.

That sums up our list of immune-boosting foods you should keep on hand during cold and flu season. A great way to incorporate these vitamin-packed foods is through juices and tonics. Download this recipe book for Juices, Tonics, and Other Healthy Drinks.

For more healthy foods and easy recipes, download our free Guide To Customized Meal Planning. Remember to wash your hands, wear your mask, and keep active so you can stay healthy and safe!

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