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Built for Strength: Why Your Gym’s Equipment Matters

Strength training should be a key component of your fitness routine regardless of age or preferred workout style. Due to the many benefits of strength training, your gym should offer a wide range of strength training equipment to support your health goals and enhance your muscle mass. As you look for a strength gym in Southern California, find out more about the benefits of strength training, the types of strength equipment your gym should have, and why Gold’s Gym SoCal is the preferred gym for those who take strength training seriously, like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check out one of Arnold’s signature chest workouts in our February issue of The Press.

Arnold's Chest Workout

The Benefits of Strength Training

As humans get older, body fat increases, and lean muscle decreases. Fortunately, developing a strength training routine can preserve and enhance muscle mass regardless of your age. Learn more about the main benefits of strength training below: 

  • Increased bone density: Despite popular belief, osteoporosis is a disease that affects both men and women. Bones become more fragile and brittle with age due to a loss of tissue. Strength training can help you combat weakening bones, as it can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and increase your bone density.
  • Weight loss: Strength training exercises increase your metabolism, and because you’re building more lean muscle, your body naturally begins to burn more calories. With an increased metabolism and greater calorie burn, you may lose more weight.
  • Reduce symptoms of chronic conditions: Conditions that regularly cause you pain, such as arthritis or backaches, will improve as your body strengthens. Other chronic issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and depression may also begin to fade away with a consistent workout routine.

The Top Strength Training Options Gyms Should Have

You’re more likely to see the benefits of strength training if you have the right equipment backing you up. While strength training can be done without equipment (e.g., pull-ups, squats, push-ups, lunges, and planks), bodyweight exercises will only get you so far. If you want to take your workout routine to the next level, you’ll need to look for gyms with the following equipment:

  • Free Weights: Barbells and dumbbells are common tools used for strength training and building muscle mass. Medicine balls and kettlebells are also great options. A gym you choose should have lots of free weights available for use, as they allow you to work muscle groups, strengthen your stabilizer muscles, and use a free range of motion during strength-training exercises. Besides helping you build muscles, free weights are ideal for functional training.
  • Resistance Tubing: Resistance bands and tubes are lightweight and extremely versatile. The resistance provided when stretching them is very effective for building lean muscle, and you can use them in a number of different ways to train various muscles.
  • Weight Machines: Weight machines can offer various resistance levels and are a great choice for those beginning strength training. While free weights are generally the best for working multiple muscles, weight machines can help you isolate muscle groups. They’re also a good option for beginners who want to ensure their form is correct before trying free weights.
  • Cable Suspension Training: Cable suspension training involves suspending a body part, such as a leg, while engaging in a bodyweight exercise like push-ups. Working out with cable suspension equipment can help train your core, improve your balance, and increase your overall strength.

Why Choose Gold’s Gym SoCal for Strength Training

All of our Gold’s Gym SoCal locations take safety very seriously, and our teams meticulously maintain their gym’s pristine fitness equipment. Our commitment to safety and proper maintenance ensures you can challenge yourself and push your boundaries without worrying if the equipment will fail during your workout. Gyms like Planet Fitness don’t make the same commitments to offering a wide variety of top-notch equipment. At Golds Gym, we know that if you want to develop a stronger, healthier body, it starts with a safe foundation, and our diverse array of equipment reflects it.

Using high-quality machines and strength training tools provides stability and a greater range of motion. When you sign up for a membership at one of our gyms, you’ll find equipment that allows for greater resistance levels. As a result, you’ll have a workout that accurately targets the muscles you’re developing. 

The large variety of machines we offer also ensures you won’t grow bored with your workout. You can use different machines to target certain muscle groups and maintain your interest and motivation in developing the body you want to see when looking in the mirror. 

Our state-of-the-art equipment isn’t about showing off but proving how committed we are to providing the tools you need to improve your strength and overall health. Alongside our fitness equipment, our staff is ready to inspire you to reach for the gold as you embark on your fitness journey.

Strength Gym Near You in Southern California

Gold's Gym SoCal has you covered if you’re looking for a strength gym in Southern California. We have 23 convenient locations throughout Southern California to ensure you can find a gym located near your home. You'll find high-quality equipment at all of our SoCal gyms. You can also count on our expert Personal Trainers for the guidance and inspiration you need to hit your fitness goals.

When you’re interested in seeing the difference a gym committed to strength training can make, you can test our equipment and try one of our gyms by signing up for our 7-Day Free Trial. It’s time to graduate from purple to gold and join a gym that cares about your health and safety!