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Meet Eric Bell of Gold's Gym Arcadia

Where would we be if we didn't have motivating people in our lives who support and encourage us? That's where personal trainers come ineric bell. Our personal trainers will cheer you on every step of the way while you reach your fitness goals. Eric Bell from Gold's Gym Arcadia is no different.

Eric's passion for fitness has made many happy and successful clients. Eric works with his clients to create personalized exercise and nutrition plans catered to each client's fitness goals. We promise that when you work with him, you'll be amazed at your accomplishments. Read more to find out more about how awesome Eric is.

Get to Know Eric

Where are you from? 
I am from Hacienda Heights, CA
What are your certifications?
2 NASM, NCCPT, DotFit, 6 PT on the Net
What is your training style?
Like Bruce Lee said, "I will teach anyone who wants to learn."
What is your typical workout?
 I enjoy bodybuilding. For my clients, I do a range of things. I like to cater their workouts to their fitness goals.
What is the biggest misconception about personal training?
 That it's like how you see it on TV; personal trainers yelling and being overly demanding. We're not like that. We like to support and encourage our clients.
What advice do you have for people who hit a fitness plateau? 
My advice is to switch things up and never stop learning about fitness and nutrition.
What are your hobbies outside of working out? 
I like gaming, shooting and martial arts.
Advice for people struggling to start a healthy lifestyle?
Talk to a personal trainer, make a plan and invite your friends to the gym with you. Friends are a great way to hold you accountable and motivate you.
What is an interesting fact about yourself?
I changed careers after being laid off at 46 years old to become a trainer.
What is your perfect day? 
I enjoy Saturdays. First I would train clients, then do my own workout, then go home and spend time with friends.

 Watch this video to learn more about Eric: 


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Come to Gold’s Gym Arcadia to meet Eric and book him for personal training today! We know he will help you reach your fitness goals and be a motivating force in your fitness journey. Not a member of Gold's Gym yet? Try us out for 7 days!GET YOUR FREE 3-DAY PASS HERE

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