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Given the enormous popularity of the trend, you’ve probably considered trying a juice cleanse LA style. The idea of cutting back on calories and enjoying fresh foods is definitely in line with the LA culture. However, despite the trends’ popularity, juicing is also controversial.

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Do you believe the hype? Would you try a juice cleanse?

Here’s what you need to know:

Juice Cleanse LA: The Popular Types

First of all, not all cleanses are the same. There are many varieties. For instance, in 2016 the top 5 popular juice cleanse varieties in LA were:

Each of these varieties offers several flavors and styles of juices. They each have their own goals too. Some focus on improving digestive help while others target weight loss, for example. A few cleansing programs encourage eating raw foods like fresh salads while cleansing, others offer only liquids. 

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Pros of a Juice Cleanse

juice cleanse la woman.jpgCleansing Sheds Water Weight

If your goal is to lose weight, cleansing will and won’t help. Juice cleanses are not magical fix all solutions. Many people gain weight right after they stop cleansing. However, while cleansing, you will probably get a peek into how trim your body can be as you shed excess water weight temporarily. This can be highly motivational.

Cleansing Can be a Gateway to a Healthier Lifestyle

Short term juice cleanses can serve as emotional gateways to healthier living. For example, juices are easy to travel with and are typically consumed more often than solid food, so you’ll probably have to bring your juice with you where you go. This can get you in the healthy habit of bringing small meals with you, including in your perfectly packed gym bag.

Other gateway benefits of juicing include emotional changes like finding yourself less attached to fatty whole foods are surviving days without them. Some people also report feeling more motivated after juicing because it required self-discipline.

Juice Cleansing Cons

juice cleanse la 3.jpgCleansing May Impair Your Fitness Training

Since juicing typically deprives you of nutrients like protein and fiber found in solid, whole foods, it can interfere with your fitness regimen. If you are considering juicing, talk with a personal trainer who can advise you about the effects of nutrition on your fitness goals.  

Cleansing Can Have Unpleasant Side Effects

As glamorous and healthy as juicing sounds, it can have unpleasant side effects. For some people, like those with diabetes, it can even be dangerous. Common side effects of juicing are headaches, fatigue, and changes in libido.

Choosing What’s Best for You

juice cleans la woman1.jpgWhat the juicing cleansing trend amounts to depends on your goals and expectations. Just like selecting the time of day you work out, you should choose your diet based on the pros and cons that best suit your needs and preferences.

If you love juicing, sip away! If you aren’t interested, don’t feel bad. It has benefits, but juicing is not a magic bullet.

What do you think? Have you tried juicing? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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