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Fit girls need protein too! Here’s everything you need to know to stay strong, get shredded, and look your best!

protein supplementsSometimes when we think of protein supplements, we think of the bodybuilder at the gym scooping powder from a monster size gallon. But not all supplementation is created equal between sexes, and between specific fitness goals.

Way back in grade school, we learned protein acts as the building blocks of our bodies and something that helps build strong muscles. When you eat foods with protein, they are broken down into amino acids. These amino acids are Essential (must come from food), Nonessential (made by the body), and Conditional (needed when you are sick). Each individual has different protein needs, however most people need 0.8g of protein per kilogram of body weight, or 0.36 multiplied by your weight in pounds. But if you currently work out regularly, that number will need to be higher to make up for all that hard work!

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If you no have idea where to start when it comes to supplementation, here are a few pros and cons to consider:


  • Protein in your body acts as an antibody to protect you from illness, is an enzyme, and acts as a neurotransmitter.
  • It keeps you fuller longer which is perfect if you’re trying to lose weight or prevent winter weight gain.
  • If gaining muscle is on the top of your list, protein can help repair and create new muscle formation.


  • Protein powders can have additives and other ingredients that your body may not need or agree with.
  • Too much protein can make you constipated and can also lead to kidney damage.
  • Protein shakes do not make for a well-balanced diet.


So, what is the best way to get in some extra protein?

  • protein supplements drinkKeep it as close to natural as possible.

While we know you have a jam-packed schedule, try your hardest to eat your protein from natural sources. Plan ahead. Prep. And eat things like lean chicken breasts, natural peanut butter, eggs, salmon, chia seeds, edamame, or hemp seed.

  • When you can’t eat your protein, make a shake.

The right protein shakes will help make your protein supplementation much easier. Those include egg white protein, soy, pea, hemp, whey, or sprouted protein. Combine them with a low-calorie, low-sugar milk base and you’ll save on calories. The Better WeightLoss Pak from Dot Fit can also help put a move on things.

  • Don’t forget other nutrients.

    If you’re drinking more than a shake a day, you need to make sure there’s more to your diet than just protein. If shakes are apart of your plan add fruit, veggies, or even a nut-butter and you’ll stay fuller longer and it will become a more balanced meal. Pair proteins with complex carbohydrates to give you extended energy and satiation.

  • Match your protein to your needs:
    • Weight loss
      Stick to eating your protein and limiting your calories. Pay special attention to your fullness level, your energy at the gym, and how fast you’re progressing towards your goal weight.

    • Gain muscle
      While eating a balanced diet (don’t forget fiber!), add 1-2 shakes a day for added benefit.

    • On-the-go healthy meals 
      Shakes are a fast way to get your protein in-especially when early mornings seem like the middle of the night. But if your schedule allows, try to make some quality time for meal planning and prepping.

    • Pre/post-workout snacks
      Before a tough workout you don’t want to eat a huge meal of heavy protein. Aim for something light in protein, under 200 calories, and with complex carbohydrates. After your workout, grab something with a higher amount of protein and fast-acting carbohydrates like those in fruits. A shake or a meal one to two hours after this workout is best.

Knowledge is everything when it comes to what you should put in your body. Ideally we all want  to stay strong, reduce our risk of injury, and we want to look and feel like a million bucks. But if you establish your own protein plan, you can everything you want and more!


Download Our FREE Bodybuilder's Nutrition Guide Today!