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Learn the right way to pre-pack your gym bag so that you have everything you need to go straight from the gym to a night out!

What to pack in your gym bag

When you’re a girl on-the-go or a guy on-the-run with a busy schedule jumping from one place to the next, it’s crucial you have all the essentials in one place. But no one wants to walk around all day carrying half your bathroom and your closet in a set of matched luggage! So, here are a few ways to pack your gym bag with everything you need, while keeping things as simple as possible. Your workout goals are important, so you don't want to forget anything that might keep you from hitting them!

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The essentials:

  • Dry shampoo and travel size toiletries
    If you don’t have time for a shower, throw some dry shampoo in your hair to soak up the sweat. Otherwise, keep a few travel size bottles of Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner, and soap and lotion products of your choice.

  • All-in-one facial wipes
    A quick one-two facial wipe can wipe your brow and keep your beautiful face acne-free!

  • Tinted moisturizer
    Maximize your workout flush with a little tinted moisturizer and you’ll be fresh-faced and ready for post-workout fun!

  • Pre- and post-workout snacks
    Snacks like a banana, handful of nuts, or a Go Raw sprouted bar. Aim for a snack high in protein and carbohydrates!

  • Electrolytes
    Drinks like Nuun or Emergen-C’s Electro Mix will make sure that a tough workout won’t dehydrate you. Even with water, you still need minerals like magnesium, sodium, chloride, potassium, phosphorous, and calcium. Plus, if you’re headed from the gym to cocktails, you definitely need to be prepared!

  • Phone charger
    Always be prepared with a charger on hand–especially if you use your phone for workout tunes!

  • Extra set of headphones
    For one reason or another, headphones always seem to get lost on the way to your workout. Keep an extra set in its cartridge in a side pocket of your gym bag.

  • A set of comfortable clothes that don’t need to be ironed
    Check out NIKE.com, Kate Hudson’s
    Fabletics, Under ArmourLucy activewear, and Athleta.

  • Hair ties
    It’s very possible that wherever your headphones wander off to, they take your hair ties with them. Keep a baggie of 10+ hair ties in your bag and if you lose one, or break one, you won’t have to exercise with your hair in your face!

  • Water bottle
    Keep a reusable water bottle around so that you always have a way to stay hydrated and have a place to drink your on-the-go electrolytes. S’well reusable containers can hold hot or cold beverages so you can use them for both your morning coffee and your after-work workout water!
  • A scarf
    If your next stop after the gym requires clothing nicer than what you have on, dress it up with a simple fashion scarf!
  • Gum
    Freshen up all around with a little minty goodness and walk out of the gym ready for anything-or anyone!

Our favorite gym bags:

  • UA Undeniable Duffel Bag
    These days, we want a gym bag that doesn’t necessarily look like a gym bag. This Under Armour Undeniable Duffel Bag is perfect for your clothes and shoes while keeping your mission discreet!  

  • Lily Tote Bag by Lole
    Versatility is important when you’ve got people to see, places to go, and workouts to master! This Lily tote bag by Lole converts from a tote into a backpack, fits your laptop, has a place to hold your yoga mat, and even comes with a shoe bag!

  • Adidas by Stella McCartney
    For the fashionista, this sassy pink gym bag looks more like a purse than a gym bag. But perfectly fits all your gym essentials and it comes with adjustable straps!

Get it together and have everything you’ve ever wanted when you want it! Getting organized can save time, allow your schedule to run without speed bumps, and keep your work to workout to social life on the upswing!

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