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It’s always wise to test the validity of health trends. Some turn out to be useless, and others are even controversial. But there are also trends that hold their water—like drinking lemon water for weight loss.

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Here are the facts:

How Lemon Water for Weight Loss Works

lemon water weight loss.jpgLemon water is made up of two natural ingredients: water and lemon. Both ingredients affect weight loss positively. Put together, they are even more powerful!

The main reason drinking lemon water for weight loss works is because hydration boosts your metabolism so you shed fat more effectively. Without caffeine or other additives, this drink lets you make the most of your water intake so your body can capitalize on your metabolism.

Other benefits of drinking lemon water include:

  • Helps naturally flavor water, which is a healthy alternative to soda and other diet drinks
  • Aids digestion so you maximize your nutrient intake
  • Detoxes your liver so your body gets rid of excess waste
  • Makes you feel full so your appetite is lessened
  • Boosts your immune system, keeping you healthy for the gym
  • Firms your skin, reducing skin sag as you lose weight

What the Experts Say about this Strategy

Alissa Rumsey, R.D., explained to Women’s Health that lemon water does not cause weight loss all by itself. The drink isn’t a magical solution for blasting fat. But, Rumsey verified, lemon water is a really smart alternative to other “diet” drinks. Plus, it does keep you hydrated. That’s always essential for losing weight!

Make the Most Out of Your Lemon Water

lemon water for weight loss 2.jpgIf you’re wise about your lemon water routine, you can make the most out of this diet drink. Use these tips to make your lemon water work for you:

  • Sip lemon water in the morning to hydrate quickly for the day (it’s great warm instead of coffee)
  • Drink a full glass of lemon water before meals to feel full and prevent overeating
  • Opt for lemon water whenever you crave a favorite flavored beverage
  • Squeeze fresh lemon into your water—the pre-squeezed juice is not as useful
  • Aim for drinking half your body weight of water each day (75 ounces if you weigh 150 pounds)

Lemon Water Warnings

Drinking lemon water to shed pounds can actually help—as long as you’re smart about it. Besides using the tips above, keep a few warnings in mind:

  • Lemon water alone can’t cause weight loss, so eat healthily and do your weight loss workout
  • Lemon is acidic, which can wear away the enamel on your teeth, so drink through a straw and brush regularly
  • Everything in moderation—introduce new foods and routines slowly, assessing how it affects you and your body as you go

You might want to consider including lemon water in your healthy new routine along with other juices and tonics that aid weight loss.

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