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At the gym, you want all the right elements to make for productive, satisfactory, and even enjoyable exercise. So, it’s important you make a sound effort into creating the best environment for applause-worthy workouts! One of those efforts is taking advantage of downloading podcasts to help fuel your workout motivation. By doing so, you are adding energy, distraction, and a way to keep the beat to increase your pace.

Workout podcasts

If you’re not familiar, podcasts are online audio files you can download that usually involve a series, regularly updated stories, music, or audio articles per se, that sometimes involve subscriptions.  Here are 3 Gold’s Gym-approved podcasts to power yourself up the next time you’re at the gym:

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Awesome Muscles by Daniel Gastelu

While you may read fitness magazines online or in-hand, sometimes having that information sent to you while you’re at the gym working out is some of the best motivation you can have. Author and fitness expert, Daniel Gastelu’s Awesome Muscles podcast covers everything from ways to transform your body into the shape you want to seminars on bettering your nutrition.


The Tim Ferriss Show

There’s nothing more motivating than listening to fitness experts cultivating educational conversation with such notable people as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tony Robbins. Named “Best of 2014” and “Best of 2015,” The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast continues to shine as a result of his friendly, raw interviews that cover world-class performers in a number of areas of expertise. And we at Gold’s Gym believe it’s important to gain a better sense of your world through the way others manage their time, how they create better exercise habits, and how they keep shooting for the stars.


Mark Bell’s Powercast by Mark Bell with co-hosts Michael Farr and Jim McDonald 

For the bodybuilder, powerlifter, or the person who just loves solid athletic training, Mark Bell’s PowerCast comes highly recommended. Mark is a professional powerlifter, magazine publisher, and inventor. He, along with co-hosts Michael Farr and Jim McDonald provide a humorous foundation for giving you new data and tips on training. There is absolutely something for everyone by this collaborative team of fitness experts!


Sometimes, you just want to listen to something entertaining while you work out that has absolutely nothing to do with fitness at all. Just in case that’s you, here are a few fun casts we like:


The motivation to change yourself in a positive way often starts as an inside job. So, getting more in tune with your inner self by way of self-help books or theories on inner transformation can really go a long way to becoming stronger inside and out. For that, listen to NPR’s Invisibilia for unique storytelling with scientific research on how to see your life in a different light. 

Bulletproof Radio by Dave Aspery


On a similar note of self-transformation, Dave Aspery combines the expertise of Olympic nutritionists, meditation experts, doctors, biochemists, and other reputable sources to help determine the simplest ways to become better at everything you do. Take a step forward and listen to this humbling series of collective works!

Motivational sources are all around you! But by choosing podcasts like these to stimulate your senses and your reasoning behind getting to the gym, you will be gaining strength and bettering yourself. This is succeeding in the biggest decision of them all-saying yes to becoming everything you want to be! Still not sure if you should choose music or podcasts? See the breakdown on ClassPass.com. What do you listen to when you workout?

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