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We know how easy it is to say you want to lose weight. But we also know how hard it can seem to actually reach your goals. One of the main questions people ask when they want to lose weight is “how often should you work out?”

how often should you work out.jpgSome studies claim just 30 minutes of brisk walking each day can shed pounds, but experienced personal trainers explain the effects will be discreet. While it would be easy to just name that number, the science of weight loss actually relies on several factors working together. How hard you work and the kind of exercise you perform matter, for instance.

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How effectively you meet your weight loss goals and get in shape depends on your answers to these questions:

How Often Should You Workout?

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If you add up the 30 minutes per day theory, it amounts to a little over 200 minutes of exercise per week.  That might sound like too much, but consider all the ways you can break 200 minutes down:

  • 50 minutes, 4 days a week
  • 1 and 10 minutes, 3 days a week
  • 2 hours, 2 days a week

Of course, any workout is better than no workout. Basically, what timing your workouts to specifically focus on weight loss comes down to is getting in a few serious sessions each week.

With just a few weeks of regular, fat-blasting exercise, you could create a New You in 28 Days!

How Hard Should You Work?

how often should you work out to lose weight.jpgOne of the benefits of working out for longer sessions just a few times a week is that you have built-in resting times. If you’re performing exercises that burn fat and cut down pounds, your muscles will need rest days to recover and rebuild because you’ll be getting stronger too.

Exercises that are the most effective for weight loss include:

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

A fast-paced form of exercise, HIIT goes by quickly. HIIT workouts aren’t just another trend. They’re proven to boost metabolism, burn belly fat, and help busy women like you meet fitness goals.

Functional Training

Perfect for making the most out of time at the gym and in your daily life, functional training mimics movements you already make. This practical workout style burns calories and targets muscle growth in your whole body.

Personal Cardio and Strength Training

To optimize your weight loss regimen, seek the help of a personal trainer in planning your workouts. Scheduled workouts alternating cardio and strength training give muscle groups a chance to rest without giving the fat you want to blast a break.

How Motivated Are You?

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Marking your calendar and registering for personal training or a HIIT class isn’t going to be enough to help you really lose weight unless you’re motivated. As expert Timothy Church points out, the best weight loss exercise is “the exercise you’ll do!”

If long, slow exercise is your preference, consider personal training and focusing on functional training. Use the gym’s cardio cinema to relax while you work out. Having “me-time” might me all the motive you need.

On the other hand, if you love an adrenaline rush, try HIIT. Pick a class with a fun instructor and workout to tunes that make you want to come to the gym. You won’t get lazy with your weight loss, and gym-time will be exciting for you.

You do you, and you’ll see the results whether you work out briefly every day, for a while four days a week, or for hours just twice a week.