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You’re not working hard on your body just to hide at home. You don’t need to skip happy hour for fear of derailing your training progress. Take your guns (and abs, and all those other sexy muscles you’ve been building) out to celebrate.

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Just use these tips, like choosing healthy cocktails and smart snacking, to stay on track on the weekends after working hard on your physique all week.


healthy cocktails 1.jpgTip #1: Pre-Game with Protein for a Healthy Cocktail Hour

So you may know one of the secrets of successful male fitness models is eating a ton of lean protein. That’s because protein is crucial for building muscle. But did you know protein also keeps your blood sugar steady?

Eating protein before drinking helps your body slow down the rate of alcohol-absorption into the blood too. So pre-game before you party. Fuel up on lean protein like chicken or fish to give your muscles something to rebuild with and your blood something to equip for all the fun that’s about to happen.

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Tip #2: Snack Smart with Low-Carb Apps

If you’re serious about fine-tuning your muscles with intense training, chances are you also pay attention to what you eat. Meal planning is a huge part of bodybuilding effectively. Depending on the snacks you choose, happy hour can either mess up or make up part of your nutritional plan.

Opt for low-carb apps and healthy happy hour snacks like:

  • Cut veggies
  • Fruit with just a little cheese
  • A handful of olives
  • Summer rolls
  • Grilled “bites” like seasoned chicken cubes or mushrooms stuffed with meat

Your waistline and muscles will thank you for having a good time without going overboard on the calories and carbs.

healthy cocktails 3.jpgTip #3: Stagger Your Sips with Water

Staying hydrated is always smart- but especially when you’re drinking. Not only does water help your body process alcohol more effectively, but it reduces recovery time too. Since you work out, your body also needs more water! Make hydration easy while you sip your cocktail. Stagger your bottles or blends with glasses of water.

healthy cocktails 4.jpgTip #4: Choose Healthy Cocktail Options

Fun fact: alcohol can have carbs. Some beers are even compared to bread in a glass in terms of carbs and calories! Opt for these healthy cocktails that won’t bust your bodybuilding progress:

  • Light Lagers like Bud Light or Coors Light
  • Tequila with soda and lime
  • Classic martini (ask for less vermouth, more gin)
  • Sazerac (whiskey, ask for less sugar)
  • Old Fashioned (whiskey with bitters and more, ask for brown sugar)
  • Rum with simple syrup and fresh lime
  • Rum, port, one egg white, and a dash of simple syrup with lemon juice (make sure it’s shaken)

Generally, the healthiest cocktails are the ones that add as little as possible to pure alcohol like whiskey, tequila, or rum. So feel free to indulge in a straight shot, too!

healthy cocktails 5 .jpgTip #5: Mix with Minimalism in Mind

Since mixed-in ingredients are what tend to take drinks from harmless for your health to wrecking your workout gains, mix minimally. To savor the flavors you love, opt for healthier mix ingredients like:

  • Simple Syrup
  • Lime or Lemon Juice
  • Diet Sodas
  • Club Sodas
  • Brown Sugar or White Sugar
  • Diet Tonic Water
  • Fresh olives, lemon, lime, or fruit slices

These mixer boosters make for a good time without packing on too many calories, carbs, or sugars.

You Can Live The High Life Without Lowering Your Health

It’d be a shame to waste all your hard work at the gym on one night of bad choices at the bar. Fortunately, fitness doesn’t negate fun.

Go out. Have a great time. Just keep these healthier cocktail hour tips in mind!

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