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Gold's Gym SoCal Blog

Health And Fitness Tips For The SoCal Community

December 2021

6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fitness Resolutions and Get Fit for the New Year

Let’s face it - New Year’s resolutions don’t have a great track record of success. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had the experience of setting lofty goals on January 1st, only to fall right back into the same old habits by February (or sooner). 

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November 2021

Physical and Mental Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

Group Fitness has been a popular way to work out for years but recently has taken the fitness world by storm. It’s an incredible feeling being professionally trained by high-energy instructors and feeling like you’re part of a team all working towards the same goal; to be happier and healthier versions of yourself. 

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June 2021

5 Workouts You Can Do In Water

Ready to make a splash with your workouts? During the warmer months, there’s nothing better than a workout in the water so you can stay cool while burning calories. You’ll also get a great tan! Exercising in water is also a great strength builder while also being easier on the joints and muscles.

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May 2021

Lose Weight Fast With Hybrid Fitness

It feels like there is never enough time in the day, and sometimes the last thing you want to do is squeeze in a workout somewhere in your busy schedule. But even moving your body for 5-10 minutes is better than not exercising at all! It may not seem like it, but you can accomplish more than you’d think after just a few minutes of movement, especially using hybrid fitness workouts. Instead of typing into google “what exercises are the best to lose weight the quickest?” you should try Hybrid Fitness!

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